Three-dimensional Tooth Models

"The study of dental morphology is essential in terms of phylogeny. Advances in three-dimensional (3D) measurement devices have enabled us to make 3D images of teeth without destruction of samples. However, raw fundamental data on tooth shape requires complex equipment and techniques.
An online database of 3D teeth models is therefore indispensable. "

(A. Kato and N. Ohno. (2009) Construction of three-dimensional tooth model by micro-computed tomography and application for data sharing. Clinical Oral Investigations 13, 43-46.)

 Tooth  image photo  X-ray photo  OBJ data  STL data  DXF data  QTVR
 Upper left central incisor (FDI: 21)      ULI1_OBJ.lzh  ULI1_STL.lzh  N/A  
left: surface
right: internal
 Upper left lateral incisor (FDI: 22)    

(left: rendered 3D model)

 22ULI2_OBJ.lzh  22ULI2_STL.lzh  N/A  N/A
 Lower right first premolar (FDI: 44)      44LRP1_OBJ.lzh  44LRP1_STL.lzh  N/A  N/A
 Lower left second premolar (FDI: 35)      N/A  N/A  35LLP2.lzh  
 Upper right first molar (FDI: 16)      16RUM1_OBJ.lzh  16RUM1_STL.lzh  N/A  N/A
 Lower right first molar (FDI: 46)      46RLM1_OBJ.lzh  46RLM1_STL.lzh  N/A  N/A

Teeth surrounded Maxillary & Mandibular bone

   CT image  Rendered image  Segmentation data  STL data
 Upper left central Incisor (LUI1)
& bone
       Enamel, Dentine,
Pulp cavity, Bone

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